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22 November 2022

David Godden

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A Senior Executives Journey to Burnout and Recovery

Now more than ever, maintaining good mental health is a key issue for even the most accomplished individuals. The pressure of a global pandemic, as well as the pace at which we live our lives, are having a significant effect on both short and long-term health, says mental health professional David Godden, director of the Bay, one of Australia’s only private and personalised rehabilitation centres.

Many successful people are feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty functioning effectively, he says. It’s common to experience anxiety and depression as well as to escalate addictive behaviours in an attempt to cope.

In these situations, he says, people can need extra support to maintain mental and physical health in the form of personalised, private treatment that is both holistic and addresses their complete lifestyle.

Personalised Private Rehabilitation 

For Michael, a banking executive, using alcohol became a way to repress feelings of panic and despair after a recent divorce and downturn in business. A social drinker, he didn’t consider he had a problem until family members expressed concern. His own efforts to reduce drinking, and weekly therapy sessions, were unsuccessful.

I knew I needed to do something more but was concerned about colleagues knowing I was seeking support, Michael says. I chose The Bay because, after speaking to their team, I felt comfortable that my stay would be kept confidential and that I could manage my work schedule while I was there.

The Bay uses a proven holistic treatment package that is tailored to the person, not one size fits all, to achieve measurable results. It combines western medical and psychological practices with eastern mindfulness techniques.

Sydney based executive Catherine, who had suffered from mild depression for several years, before a deterioration in mental health after a particularly stressful period at work says, from the beginning, I felt listened to and cared for as an individual. When I initially spoke to the psychologists on the phone, I actually started sobbing because I was able to tell them how it had been from me, and they understood.

“Its common to experience anxiety and depression as well as escalate addictive behaviours in an attempt to cope”

Recovery in a pristine environment

For both Michael and Catherine, recovery included a wide range of somatic therapies as well as daily sessions with a psychologist in their own private residence and care available 24/7. These included acupuncture, massage, personal training, and equine therapy.

Located in the pristine Byron Bay region, the Bay also offers clients rainforest and beach walks, horse riding, tennis and golf, alongside its integrative medical programme. To boost recovery and improve lifelong health, every client has a personal chef who prepares healing organic meals using local produce and assists them to continue nutritious eating at home. 

Michael says he was surprised by how effective equine therapy was at helping him express his emotions, while he found the nutrition coaching had a significant impact on his energy and lifestyle.

For Catherine, massage and yoga bought the calm she needed, while acupuncture assisted her with sleep. I also developed a meditation practice that I was able to continue when I returned home, she says.

Continued support to stay well

All clients of The Bay are offered ongoing psychological support long after their stay, something that distinguishes The Bay from other, less comprehensive offerings. The team also works with our clients current healthcare professionals to provide considered and continuous care. 

“That was a very important part of choosing The Bay,  because I knew my transition back into the world would be fully supported”, says Catherine.

“Even in a stressful world, she says so much has changed. Being in a private residential setting, with no other patients and no other decisions to make, allowed me to completely let go, develop my own resources and discover my inner resilience”. 

“The Bay really did change my life”,
says Catherine.

Michael says his relationships have shifted dramatically, whilst able to manage business challenges without the prop of alcohol. I was a difficult person to live and work with, always expecting things to be done my way, he says. I’m learning to be kinder to myself and I’ve been able to extend that to others.

The Bay clinical team have worked in a wide range of settings including private and public hospitals and rehabilitation centres, which has contributed to The Bay gaining a reputation for excellence in private healthcare.

Godden says The Bay, which has offered successful treatment for mental health and addiction for 15 years, has become the first choice for discerning clients who want to break the cycle and recover their health and relationships.

David Godden
David Godden


What our guests say

I have attended other programs and felt overlooked due to the needs of the more complex clients that were in the program. At The Bay I was the focus of the team and gained a greater understanding of my situation… to make the changes required to live the life I wanted.

Having a psychology background I was very particular about what I was looking for, I didn’t want group therapy because I was at a point where I knew I needed individual therapy… it has been five months since I left The Bay, it has changed my life.

I have been in treatment before but couldn’t seem to achieve the changes I wanted. The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at The Bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and live the life I have been craving.

The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at the bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and finally live the life I have been craving for many years.

My wife found The Bay after doing a lot of research looking at programs all over the world. Treatment centres here in the US are very different! My life has changed in so many ways and I continue to stay clean and sober, thank you for all you have done.