Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Alcohol Treatment Program Overview

​The Bay’s alcohol addiction treatment program begins with a thorough assessment of your alcohol consumption and a determination of the need for a medicated detox. If a detox is required, The Bay medical team will develop a detox schedule that will make the detox process comfortable and stress free with the support of our doctor and 24-hour nursing. During this period, you will also receive supportive treatments from our team of holistic practitioners including massage and acupuncture to help reduce any uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing.

Understanding the Causes of Your Addiction

Once complete, the therapeutic team will work with you to help you understand the underlying drivers that are causing the drinking and your therapist will work with you on a daily basis to work through deeper emotional triggers that are causing the ongoing need to drink alcohol. Your medical and therapeutic teams will communicate daily throughout your stay to review your progress and make adjustments to your personal treatment plan where necessary.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence?

  • Reduced control over your alcohol use
    This might mean you can’t have “just one drink”. You may not be able to control how long a drinking session is, how frequently you drink, or drinking at inappropriate occasions or places
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
    Headaches, nausea, sweating, tremors if you don’t use alcohol, or drinking to avoid these symptoms.
  • Unsafe Situations
    Using alcohol in situations where it is not safe to do so, such as swimming or driving
  • Mental Health Strain
    Depression, anxiety, mood disorders. Continuing to drink even though you know it is contributing to these problems.
  • Relationship or Career Strain
    Finding that your drinking, or being sick from drinking, is interfering with your ability to take care of your home or family, or causing problems with your career.
  • Increased Tolerance to Alcohol
    You may find you need to drink more to get the same effect, or that your usual number of drinks had much less effect than before.

Alcohol Use Withdrawal

Frequent alcohol use can lead to strong withdrawal symptoms for people who suddenly decide to stop drinking. A common symptom of alcohol withdrawal is the Delirium Tremens, also known as the DTs. Effects of DTs may include tremors, shivering, seizures, anxiety and disorientation.

The Bay approach to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The Bay is a full-service addiction treatment provider. Our team will support you through entire process of detox, rehabilitation and aftercare.

Our compassionate staff will attend to your needs, allowing you to focus on your program and recovery. We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a total healing environment, dedicated to your recovery, with expert support every step of the way.

Get in Touch

If your alcohol consumption is causing you problems with loved ones or colleagues and you are unsure if you need support with your drinking, call The Bay’s Executive Director for an assessment and information on how The Bay can support you and your family on +61434645126.


What our guests say

I have attended other programs and felt overlooked due to the needs of the more complex clients that were in the program. At The Bay I was the focus of the team and gained a greater understanding of my situation… to make the changes required to live the life I wanted.

Having a psychology background I was very particular about what I was looking for, I didn’t want group therapy because I was at a point where I knew I needed individual therapy… it has been five months since I left The Bay, it has changed my life.

I have been in treatment before but couldn’t seem to achieve the changes I wanted. The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at The Bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and live the life I have been craving.

The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at the bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and finally live the life I have been craving for many years.

My wife found The Bay after doing a lot of research looking at programs all over the world. Treatment centres here in the US are very different! My life has changed in so many ways and I continue to stay clean and sober, thank you for all you have done.