The Bay Approach

What we do

Unique & personalised

The Bay Approach to healing, wellness, and recovery is built on the pillars of therapeutic excellence, innovation, awareness, and connection. Putting these four elements into practice is the cornerstone of The Bay program and allows our team to gently guide our guests towards long-term recovery. If you would like to know more about The Bay Approach, contact us on +61434645126.

Our approach views destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, including substance dependencies, as an individual’s unhealthy yet creative adaptation for survival in the face of life’s experiences. Rather than seeing them as stuck or embedded for life, we believe that these adaptations can change and that the individual can, therefore, also change.

The Bay offers one-to-one treatment programs that employ trauma-informed care, evidence-based therapeutic methods and empathetic understanding and compassion to support you through suffering and work towards achieving your goals.


World Class Rehabilitation

When you choose The Bay, you are choosing a world-class, personalised healthcare service. The Bay offers a calming environment, while you experience world-leading treatments. Personalised healthcare acknowledges an individuals’ unique set of circumstances, rather than a one treatment model for all.

Using the Personalised Healthcare model, The Bays clinical team have developed personalised programs to address health issues from alcohol dependence through to depression and mood disorders stemming for dysfunctional family dynamics.

Please contact our Executive Director on +61434645126 to learn more about The Bay’s Personalised Healthcare options.



Tailored Accommodation

We have carefully curated a portfolio of unique, luxury properties in the Byron Bay area. From absolute beachfront to hinterland estates. We will discuss your accommodation preference during your initial assessment.

A selection of sample residences is available for you to review.

Key features of The Bay Method

  • A strong focus on an individual’s strengths
  • Participation in clear and achievable goal-setting
  • A focus on where you want to be in 12 months
  • A focus on family education and engagement (where appropriate)
  • A four-week residential intensive program
  • Twelve months of aftercare and ongoing engagement
  • The option of having a recovery coach work with you to assist in your recovery


The Bay offers treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and mental health concerns. Alcoholism and drug abuse are chronic conditions and require a sustained intervention treatment model.


What our guests say

I have attended other programs and felt overlooked due to the needs of the more complex clients that were in the program. At The Bay I was the focus of the team and gained a greater understanding of my situation… to make the changes required to live the life I wanted.

Having a psychology background I was very particular about what I was looking for, I didn’t want group therapy because I was at a point where I knew I needed individual therapy… it has been five months since I left The Bay, it has changed my life.

I have been in treatment before but couldn’t seem to achieve the changes I wanted. The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at The Bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and live the life I have been craving.

The compassion shown to me by the incredible team at the bay has taught me to set boundaries with others, allowed me to re-align my expectations of myself and others and finally live the life I have been craving for many years.

My wife found The Bay after doing a lot of research looking at programs all over the world. Treatment centres here in the US are very different! My life has changed in so many ways and I continue to stay clean and sober, thank you for all you have done.